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Millar, Anya

Full Name:  Anya Máire O’Corr Millar

Title:  Mistress Anya of the House Millar

Race:  Vampire (aberration)

Skin pale with a gentle luminous sheen

Gender:  Female

Born:   1799, in Ireland

Date of Transformation:  1815

Height:  Nearly six feet (about 5’10-11″)

Eye Colour:  Emerald green

Hair Colour:  Auburn, mid-back length

Spouse/s:  Nicholas, Declán, Braden

Servant/s:  Louie

Body type/appearance:  Looks sixteen or seventeen, fit, lightly defined muscles

Sire:  Gabriel

Orientation:  All vampires are omnisexual but Anya’s preference appears to be predominately for males.

Abilities:  Her voice can control others.  In extreme situations, she can even kill with it.  She also seems to have some form of natural physical combat/mimicry ability.


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