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Louie (Lord Louis)

Full Name:  Lord Louis

Nickname:  Louie

Race:  Vampire (aberration-ish)

Gender:  Male

Born:  During what is known as the French Renaissance, France ▸ early 1550’s

Date of Transformation:  Early 1580’s (he was 31)

Height:  6’1″

Eye Color:  Void-back but turned pale icy blue once on an aberrant diet.

Hair Color:  Spiky black hair

Spouse/s:  Simon (servant to Anya)

Servant/s:  None

Body type/appearance:  Late Twenties / Early Thirties

Sire:  Unnamed

Orientation:  All vampires are omnisexual.

Abilities:  Read minds with focus. When eyes are colored he can cause a forced calm on Anya – no one knows why.


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