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Thank you for your interest in Mistress Anya’s Reading Nook. Our name is based on the main voice from the House Millar series, a YA/NA series by Tempeste O’Riley. She is a vampire with a voracious appetite for reading, among other things, lol. At the moment, we provide a limited number of reviews, but we’re always happy to provide guest spots, host giveaways, blog tours, cover reveals, spotlight posts, release day blitzes for authors, bloggers, and reviewers of LGBT Romance.

For more information or if you’re interested in scheduling a spot, please see below for helpful information on creating and formatting your post, image copyright info, what to include, and more. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Tempeste O’Riley:

If you’re part of an Author Promotional Service and would like Mistress Anya’s Reading Nook to host one of your authors or for us to become an official host, we’d be more than happy to help. We host cover reveals, spotlights, release day blitzes, guest spots, and interviews. All posts are promoted on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, and more.

Post Content: You are more than welcome to post about anything that strikes your fancy, whether it’s to promote your new release, a backlist title, a new site, bring in new visitors, or discuss any LGBTQ issues. Please refer to the exceptions located at the end of this page. I’ve included a list of posts I’m happy to accept, along with a description for those who’d like a little more guidance.

Guest Post: Provides original content where you chat with the reader about a specific topic. Can include music playlists, YouTube videos, inspirational images (be aware of copyright), character interview you’ve conducted, recipes, etc. Also includes book cover, book details, buy links, excerpt (optional), author bio, and author social media links.

Spotlight Post: Highlights your book for maximum exposure across several blogs. Include book cover, book details, blurb, excerpt, buy links, author bio, and author social media links.

Author Interview: Questions will be provided. You can include book cover, book details, blurb, buy links, author bio, and author social media links. If you’d like to include extras in your posts like a book trailer, author podcast, author images, logos, etc., please feel free to do so. You’re free to post about past, current, or upcoming releases, as well as topics pertaining to your creative process, such as inspiration, research, or character development.

Reviews: I do offer a limited number of reviews at this time. It will depend on topic, interest (mine), health (again mine, as I’m the only one reviewing), and availability. Fell free to inquire but I cannot promise this kind of post at this time. If I agree, then yes, that becomes a promise.

Formatting and images: You’re welcome to submit your post as a word processing document, text file, or HTML. Images are more than welcome, and if you can include them in the document so I can see where you want them to appear, that would be great. Please also attach the pictures separately to your email as jpeg or png files (unless you’re providing an html post, which will include hyperlinks to wherever you have them hosted).

Please be aware of copyright! There are plenty of sites that offer free stock photos. Don’t forget to include attributes if necessary. Wikimedia Commons ( offers free license images, as well as Stock xchng ( Photo Pin ( is a fabulous site which gives you a copy/paste box providing the attribution details which you can paste at the end of your post. Screenshots from movies are okay, but please do not use images of models from photographers or artwork unless you have permission as this could lead to legal action from the photographer or artist.

Due to the nature of this site and the basis of the characters being from a YA/NA story, no NSFW content is allowed. I know this will not be popular with everyone, but let’s keep it clean-ish. That doesn’t mean I won’t and don’t promote erotic romance, just no posts with the naughty bits shown, please.

Important! By accepting a guest spot, you are taking responsibility for the images and content you provide.

Please use your word processor to insert all hyperlinks into the text like this: Mistress Anya’s Reading Nook. You can also place the URL in full and link that:

Important! Please make sure I have the post at least 2 days before your post is scheduled.

Giveaways & Contests:

I’m happy to host a giveaway via reader comment or rafflecopter (please provide code and link).

Comment based giveaway: Please let me know the date and time (including time-zone) your contest is set to end. If a time-zone is not provided, it will end at midnight Eastern time.

Authors please note: Unless your post’s target audience is specifically fellow authors, please assume your audience and commenters are readers (although authors are also readers), when asking a question in your post for a giveaway. Feel free to have two sets of questions if you’d like.

Guests are left to choose their own winner(s) and contact them directly to arrange delivery of their prize(s), though I ask to be notified so that I can post the winner on the website as well. An email address for the winner will be provided if needed.

If you have any further questions, please email me: tempeste.oriley (at) gmail (dot) com

Please note:

No personal attacks or government politics. It’s just not that kind of site. However, you’re more than welcome to post on LGBTQ issues, news, or anything related to. Please keep in mind this site is intended to engage folks in a lighthearted manner, though it in no way discourages passionate discourse.

Important! Disclaimer: We want everyone to enjoy themselves, and encourage folks to do so in a polite and civilized manner. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and encouraged to share, however anyone who cannot do so without resulting to name-calling, rudeness, aggressive behavior, or promoting hate, will be asked politely to stop, and if the issue persists, they will be asked to leave or be removed. The House Millar and Mistress Anya’s Reading Nook is a safe site, intended for the benefit of all, and not as a platform for trolling. Bullying will not be tolerated. We want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know and I will do my best. I look forward to hearing from you!

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