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Holt’s only salvation is her…

“Sunlight filtered through the trees, brightening parts of the forest while leaving others in shadow. Birds chirped and chattered serenely. Everything seemed peaceful.

That’s what frightened me so much.” – Holt (hero from Dead New World)

Fresh out of boot camp, sixteen-year-old Holt is thrown into the deep end on a search and destroy mission. No walls to hide behind, no machine guns or bunkers for protection, just the boy next to him and his M-16. Without his best friend Ambrose to look up to, Holt wouldn’t stand a chance in hell. When his platoon is ambushed, his first mission ends in tragedy. Holt loses a leg and Ambrose, well…that’s better left unsaid.

Holt’s only salvation is Nancy, the nurse who helps him recover from his injuries. But when she’s abducted by the Reverend’s Horsemen, Holt will have to face his darkest fears to save her.

Dead New World by Ryan Hill


Zombies aren’t mindless anymore.

They follow orders. And if Holt and Ambrose want to kill some undead, they’ll do the same. But when a routine mission goes horribly wrong, the best friends’ lives are flayed to the bone.

Now there’s only one light in the darkness of Holt’s life, and when she’s taken, he’ll do anything to get her back. Even if that means defying orders and using his best friend as a weapon. Holt and Ambrose risk all to save her, but what they discover among the hordes threatens to remake humanity. Again.

In the end, will there be anything left to live for in this dead new world?


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Ryan Hill’s bio:

Ryan Hill likes to keep zombies in a safe place—his head. If zombies ever do take over, the thought of living off canned beans is not enticing. At all.

Ryan uses a healthy dose of real life and imagination to come up with stories, and typically spends his time, reading, writing, and watching movies or TV shows…anything involving a good story. Drop him a line on Twitter @J_Ryan.

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