Kevin, MacDreamy Hotness, & ROUND AND ROUND by Andrew Grey

Title: Round & Round
Andrew Grey
Series: Bronco Boy’s #4 and Final
Genre: M/M Contemporary Erotic Romance
Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: Dec 14, 2015
Edition/Formats: Book & Print

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When it comes to love, Kevin Foster can’t seem to win. Some consider him a hero, but dousing an arsonist’s attempt to burn Bronco’s to the ground puts Kevin on the vengeful criminal’s radar. Afterward, the arsonist fixates on Kevin, determined to burn away every part of Kevin’s life.

Coming to Kevin’s rescue more than once, and in more ways than one, is “MacDreamy Hotness”—firefighter Angus MacTavish. Not only is Angus smitten at first sight, he learns Kevin’s nickname for him, intriguing him further.

When Angus discovers Kevin is the arsonist’s target, he takes it upon himself to protect him at any cost. Soon Kevin works his way into a heart Angus thought he’d closed off for good. Things heat up between them, but the arsonist has no intention of letting Kevin finally find happiness. Hopefully Angus and Kevin can stop him before he reduces everything Kevin values to ash—including the love igniting between him and Angus.

I’m so glad to see Kevin get his story before you close out the Bronco Boys series. What made you pair our Kevin up with MacDreamy Hotness? (And can I just say YUM for the final cover?!!!)

Kevin was the last of the boys and he was really starting to feel left out. He’d been left when his last boyfriend got an opportunity out of town, so I felt he really deserved a hot boyfriend. I love writing firemen and with the themes of the other books, I wanted to make sure I did something different with this one. Hence when Kevin decides to try to save Bronco’s from a fire and needed to be rescued, it had to be MacDreamy Hotness waiting with his arms out.

I really have to ask, you’ve seen the cover, who wouldn’t want to be rescued, from anything at all, by him? I certainly know I would and therefore he makes a great hero and love interest for Kevin. He’s waited so long and been through so much and he deserved someone really hot!!! I hope I succeeded. What do you think?

“How did you know where the hose was?” the firefighter who’d first approached him asked in a light accent that Kevin thought was Scottish, now that he got a chance to hear it again. Wow, their own personal MacDreamy, right there in Harrisburg.

“I’ll conduct the interview,” the policeman interrupted.

Kevin turned to him. “He can ask the questions,” he said, smiling at the fireman. In the light now, he could see the man was gorgeous, with olive skin and the shadow of a beard. The firefighter smiled and his face lit up. “I’m friends with Zach, Tristan, and Jeremy.” He pointed out each of them. “Zach’s partner owns the club with Tristan’s partner Harry. So I’ve been in the back room area plenty of times. Bull gave us each a code so we could get in if we needed to. He’s very protective of Zach, and by extension the rest of us.” He smiled because, well, he couldn’t help it. This guy was firefighter hotness to the extreme.

“So after you saw the flames…,” MacDreamy Hotness said.

“Yeah. I grabbed the hose and hurried back into the club. I told a guy running past me to turn on the water. I wasn’t sure if he would, but he did, and I started spraying the wall. The smoke from the fire was really black, and it rolled up onto the ceiling. I stayed as low as I could and sprayed the water at the base and then up the walls.”

“You did really well,” MacDreamy Hotness said, and Kevin grinned. “Your quick thinking probably saved the club and kept quite a few people from getting hurt.”

“Can you tell us anything else you remember about when the fire started?” the policeman asked.

“Only that I thought at first someone was lighting a cigarette. I figured one of the bouncers would take care of it. They’re pretty good about that sort of thing.”

“Where were Mr. Klinger and Mr. Krebbs when all this was happening?”

Kevin figured they probably had to ask stuff like that, but it pissed him off nonetheless. “Bull was dancing with Zach.”

“Does he do that a lot?” the officer pressed.

“Usually just once or twice a night. He has a job to do, but Zach loves to dance, and Bull loves it when Zach dances. Harry doesn’t dance much at all, but Tristan managed to get Harry out of his office and onto the floor for a quick dance.”

“So they weren’t near the area where the fire started?”

“No. I couldn’t see who was nearby. I only saw the light. I told Bull, and I heard him on the sound system, getting people out of the club, while I was getting the hose. Then someone yelled fire, and people must have stampeded to get out. Bull was trying to keep people calm and just get them to exit. I heard him.”

“No one is accusing your friends of doing anything wrong,” MacDreamy Hotness said. “He has to know what happened even if he’s being kind of a jerk about it.” MacDreamy Hotness looked at the officer and then back at him. Kevin wond
ered if there was some history there. “Is there anything else you can remember?”

“Not that I can think of. Did everyone get out?” he asked, pretending he hadn’t overheard what Harry had told Bull.

“No. We’re still trying to piece together what happened. But without your quick thinking, things could have been much worse.” MacDreamy Hotness took a step closer. “You showed courage under pressure, and that’s rare.” He turned to the police officer, and Kevin was sure he saw a challenge in his expression. “Is there anything else you need, Reyes?”

Officer Reyes walked away, and MacDreamy Hotness turned back to Kevin. “Don’t let him bother you. The guy’s a hothead and a pain in the ass.” He leaned closer. “I ought to know—I dated him for a while. What a piece of work.” He winked, then turned and went back inside the club. Kevin watched him go, mouth hanging open a little. He hoped he wasn’t drooling as he thought of MacDreamy Hotness and what he might look like under all the fire equipment.

Almost instantly he chastised himself for having lusty thoughts about the firefighter when someone had died trying to get out of the club.

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Andrew grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. Since then he has lived throughout the country and traveled throughout the world. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and works in information systems for a large corporation.

Andrew’s hobbies include collecting antiques, gardening, and leaving his dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink (particularly when writing) He considers himself blessed with an accepting family, fantastic friends, and the world’s most supportive and loving partner. Andrew currently lives in beautiful, historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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