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Title: No Time Like Now
Jennifer Young
Release Date: October 2014
Publisher: Tigearr Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
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Hiding away from a disastrous past, Megan McLeod is getting along nicely in her job as housekeeper at a university field centre in Majorca. But the arrival of geological researcher, Tim Stone, throws everything into disarray — because Tim was the father of the baby she lost some years before and the two of them had parted very messily indeed.

As if having Tim on the scene wasn’t bad enough, he’s there with his new partner, Holly. But when in the course of his research he comes upon something extremely nasty along the cliffs of north Majorca, he’s forced to turn to Megan for help.

I’m delighted to be visiting as part of my blog tour to celebrate the publication of No Time Like Now. It’s a romantic suspense novel and it’s setting is perhaps an unlikely one – a geology field centre on the Mediterranean island of Majorca. And it doesn’t just have science as a background — but science forms a central thread to the plot.

And why not? Science is pretty damned sexy these days. It’s about getting down and dirty and close to nature. It asks big questions and which demand big answers. It’s about the elements which form us and shape us, the disasters which befall us. Sometimes, of course, the questions lead us into places we would have been wiser, at a personal level, not to venture; especially when they’re laced with danger.

Questions that big require characters who are big; and that means we need heroes. My hero, Tim Stone, is a geologist. Dynamic, a man for the outdoors, at home on the wild and capable of wresting with demons both real and imagined.

He isn’t without his flaws, of course (what man is?). And Tim’s driving passion for answers — answers about anything, no matter how difficult, no matter the risk involved in getting them — brings both him and our heroine, Megan into extreme danger. But that’s okay because he’s just the sort of man you want beside you in a crisis or anywhere else for that matter.

Unless you’re Megan…

I put the cups on the tray and left Domenica alone with the biscuits as she struggled with her glasses and her filing. Even in the kitchen it was airless, though cooler. I put the urn on to heat up in case the students wanted tea or coffee when they arrived, then stepped out through the back door. The relentless limestone ridges of the Serra Tramuntana stretched away to eternity on my left; to the right the ground sloped steeply towards the sea, a quarter of a mile away. In the deep shade of the north-facing doorway, I took a few calming breaths as I tried to formulate a plan.

A plane slid through the sky on its descent to Palma. I imagined the passengers peering down at the scalloped coast with the long fingers of its limestone headlands reaching out through the bay, thinking how beautiful it was, how much freedom there was as they headed to this escape from their offices and their humdrum urban lives. And who else might be on it?

Tim Stone. Well. Wasnt that just the last thing I needed? Academically brilliant, emotionally flawed, charming, handsome, unbearably arrogant Tim bloody Stone, appearing out of nowhere and landing in my field centre. On my patch. Whatever Domenica said, however little I saw him would be too much. Every morning at breakfast, every evening at dinner. In the common room and the garden, chance encounters on the stairs and in the hall.

For a month.

I couldnt clearly remember the last time Id seen him, but I remembered enough to know that a month was going to be a very long time indeed.

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Jennifer Young is an Edinburgh-based writer, editor and copywriter. She is interested in a wide range of subjects and writing media, perhaps reflecting the fact that she has both arts and science degrees. Jennifer has been writing fiction, including romantic fiction, for a number of years with several short stories already publi
shed. No Time Like Now is her second published novel; her first novel, Thank You For The Music, is also set on the Balearic island of Majorca.

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