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clip_image004Title: The Nightlife San Antonio
Author: Travis Luedke
Series: The Nightlife Series
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance/Vampires
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 9th 2014
Edition: eBook with Print Coming Soon
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Vampires, Mafia & Mayhem:

The Nightlife San Antonio is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

All she wanted was to escape the police. All he wanted was to get laid. They both got more than they bargained for.

EMT on call, Adrian Faulkner resuscitates a beautiful woman after a Mexican mafia shootout. He can’t explain why he picks her up in the hospital parking lot three days later and then ducks the San Antonio police and the Feds. Well, the hot sex might have something to do with it.

She needed to hide. With no memory of even her name, she didn’t know from who. She only knew she wasn’t safe.

Adrian soon learns she is much more than a damsel in distress, and he’s stuck with her. It isn’t long before the past she cannot remember begins to catch up with them both…

THE NIGHTLIFE SAN ANTONIO is a non-stop thrill ride through the shadowy borderworld of mafia politics and vampires – and sex.


Grab your copy of this urban fantasy romance today!

The Nightlife Series Novels are Adult Paranormal Romance ~ Urban Fantasy Thriller:









Nightlife San Antonio is both part of a series and a standalone. That is, I have not read any of the others in this series but loved every minute and never felt I was lost for not having read the others in the series. As most know, I love vampire stories, YA, NA, Adult, Erotic… I love vamps, BUT that does not mean all books are equal! The weaving of this story by Travis Leudke is brilliant. It’s a no nonsense, sharply written (no pun intended Winking smile ) story of a vampire that doesn’t remember who she is, or what landed her in the nearly dead state our hero Adrian finds her in.

I don’t don’t want to say too much as it really is an experience you have to take from start to finish. But… the writing is so vivid and ‘real’ that you can’t help but fall into the pages. Warning: There is sex, blood, and violence, but it’s also filled with lots of dark humour, powerful characters and plot, and driving intrigue.  It’s a wile mix of gang bangers, mafia, cops, vampires, and so much more. While not for the faint of hear, or children, it is a great read and one I happily recommend to any who love fangs, sex, and fun.


4.5 drops


Point of No Return

Perspiration dripped from his forehead and stung his eyes while the rest of his body hummed from the flush of blood coursing through well-used muscles. He felt good, sore, but loose and slightly less edgy. He strolled out to the gym parking lot in the fading sunlight. His internal clock counted down the minutes to sunset as he sped towards the I-35 frontage road, and home to his apartment. If she wasn’t awake and ready for him when he showed up, there would be hell to pay.

This was not the deal he had made, this funky obsession. She was supposed to hide out, suck on his blood once in a while, bang him until she could barely walk, and generally be a decent house guest. By the time he pulled into the covered parking in front of his apartment, right at sunset, he was so anxious to dash inside he almost missed the blue Camaro that pulled in after him. Out the corner of his eye he caught the driver’s arm hanging out the window, wife-beater tank top, with a distinctive solid black handprint tattoo on his shoulder.

Any other day, that wouldn’t have meant anything to him, but today, Adrian had seen that same guy, same tattoo roaming around Planet Fitness, not doing much of anything but checking him out. Now he conveniently shows up at Adrian’s Apartment? Just so he could roll past all slow and easy, looking cool in his old-school Camaro?


The tattoo worried Adrian the most. He knew of a certain group of people who wore those tattoos for a reason, and he wanted nothing to do with them.

Suddenly, he wasn’t in such a hurry to get inside. Adrian shut off the truck, wiped his face and hands with a wet wipe, and tried to look casual about watching the Camaro as it parked a few cars down from him. He had that feeling again, that yucky feeling when something just wasn’t right. Why the hell would this guy be following him, and who the hell sent him?

He slipped from his Chevy truck and assessed the advancing darkness. Just far enough into twilight he might be able to catch the guy unaware. Adrian snagged a roll of quarters he kept in the ash tray and wrapped his hand around it tightly. He walked past the Camaro, away from the front porch of his apartment. The man sat in his car, hadn’t made any moves like he intended to get out. Adrian walked further down to the end of the apartments, near the alley, and heard that sound, the clang of a car door closing. He went straight to the door of the last apartment, and stood at the porch pretending to look for his keys. Wifebeater wasn’t much for stealth. Adrian could hear his footfalls along with his breathing.

Adrian grumbled to himself about forgetting his damn keys and turned around to go back to his truck, heading straight for Wifebeater who shot him a squinty-eyed look of suspicion, but kept advancing on him.

The man feigned a pretense of casual movement. “Hey, I need to make a phone call. Can I use your phone?” The casual look evaporated as his face morphed into a menacing grimace and his hand emerged from behind him with a gleaming, black semi-auto pistol.

With a fistful of quarters, Adrian smashed through Wifebeater’s nose like so much useless flesh. The guy went up in the air, almost floating, and then dropped to the sidewalk on his back with a grunt. “Motherfucker.” His voice sounded wet with blood from his busted face.

Adrian stomped on his gun hand. A meaty crunch was followed by a little squeal of pain. The gun wasn’t going anywhere, probably a couple of broken digits in there. He glanced around to see if anyone witnessed his little altercation and then scooped up the pistol and slipped it into his sweatpants’ pocket. He didn’t see anyone, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t some nosy a-hole hiding behind his window blinds calling the cops right now.

The cops were the least of Adrian’s worries at the moment. The Black Hand on the ground spitting blood and cursing Adrian’s mother was the real issue. Adrian grabbed his foot and dragged him off the sidewalk, the back of his head bouncing on the asphalt. He pulled him all the way around the corner into the entrance of the alleyway. No one could see them unless they actually came down the alley. No floodlights anywhere.

Wifebeater started to catch his wits and struggle, kicking to free his foot. With a two-handed grip, Adrian twisted to the left. Wifebeater did what they always do, he fought that momentum. Then Adrian did what he always did, reversed the twist to the right in a snap-back motion. Working with the tension of the man’s fight, his ankle spun all the way around and gave way with a sickening crack. The body can’t spin fast enough to go with it, so the ankle pops.

Wifebeater cried out, like they always do when their ankle breaks in his hands. The guy wasn’t going to be jogging anywhere for a while.

“Motherfucking puto! I’m gonna kill you. Chinga su madre, I’m gonna fuck you up. That’s a promise.”

They don’t usually talk so much shit with a broken ankle and fingers. This guy proved an exceptional shit-talker.

Adrian held pressure on the break, bringing the shit-talker to a slow, whining silence. “You’re not going to kill anyone, not tonight. There’s two ways this goes down. One, you tell me what I want to know, and you can crawl home to whatever rock you came out from under. Two, you don’t tell me, or you lie, and you never see home again. This alley, and my face
, will be the last things you ever see in this world.”

When he spoke to a man under such an exhilaratingly intense situation, Adrian made sure his voice was calm, quiet. He made sure they understood the gravity of the moment. Never let it be said he didn’t give a man a chance to talk.

“I don’t care what you say, puto. You and that bitch, La Reina, are already dead. La Eme got a contract, and they sent me here.”

Adrian cranked his ankle hard to the left and then right. The grinding of broken bones and tendons accompanied the man’s whimpers. Even tough guys whimper under this kind of pain. He wasn’t sure how far to go. Here in civilian land, there were no rules of engagement. He’d never had to worry about it in Iraq or Kuwait. They’d told him when to go, and who to grab, and he did as told.

“Aye chingao madre! You coulda walked, cabron.” Blood and spittle flew from his mouth as he groaned in agony. “But no, not when La Eme sees what you did to me. You wanna die to protect that bitch? The word came straight from the Generals. La Reina goes down, no matter what. If you know who she is, you’d know this ain’t no business for gringos. La Eme viene para ella, and there ain’t no stopping them soldiers. I came to find out what you know. But you got me all fucked up.”

That’s exactly what Adrian was afraid of. Though he might be a bit extreme in moments like these, he wasn’t an idiot. He knew when he was holding a poisonous snake with real bite. This man was a serious problem. He would become a much bigger problem if he ever spoke of this encounter.

Wifebeater wasn’t giving Adrian any reason to let him live.

At Adrian’s silence, the man pushed his agenda harder. “Do you know her? Did she speak to you? Talk to me, maybe you can live. Maybe.”

This was not working out so hot. The guy was supposed to be begging. They all beg. These Black Hands were hard bastards. Fuck!

A voice called out of the dark. “Adrian, is that you? What’s going on?”

Shit, Crenshaw! No time for anything else.

Adrian leaped atop the man and grabbed his head in both hands. A hard jerk left, then right, then the telltale crunchycrack of a broken spinal column. The man’s breath slid out in a slow hiss as his body relaxed, unconscious. Death would soon follow.

The neck breaks easier than the ankle.

Adrian stood up and stepped away just in time for Crenshaw to come around the corner and catch him staring down at the body of a Mexican Mafia.

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Travis Luedke is a husband, father, and author of Urban Fantasy Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, and Sci-fi. He is currently catching a 3rd degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, and loving every minute of it.

As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

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