Up in Flames by Shyla Colt

Love is a language without words…

Title: Up in Flames 
Author: Shyla Cold 
Publisher: Hot Ink Press 
Genre: Romance, 18+, Contemporary, Interracial, Humour 
Release Date: March 12th 2014
Length: 1146 KB / 46 pages
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The only child of a business mogul, Kirk Watford’s had his life planned for him since birth. After years of playing the field, and partying in college, the time to take his rightful place as heir of Watford Industries is at hand. His plan for one last hurrah goes awry when his plane crashes, and he finds himself stranded with an incredible woman who makes him believe in the impossible. Cut off from the world outside he discovers the man he’s always wanted to be, and what might be true love.

Liandra Powers has been an outcast her entire life. Hearing impaired, she’s grown a thick skin fighting against the ignorance of society. When she loses her hearing aids in the crash she’s forced to lean on the attractive man who makes her long for things she accepted would never happen for her. The beauty of the island and Kirk’s ability to see her and not her differences fill her with hope. Until they’re rescued and the realities of their lives rise up and began to test the foundation they laid.

Shyla Colt is a Sound and Lighting Engineer turned Stay-At-Home Mom with two main passions, music and the written word. Her stories are a blend of the paranormal laced with humor, passion, and a “je ne se qua” that she’d like to call all her own.

Married to her marine, she currently resides in sunny California where she allows her characters to tell her their stories while feeding her music addiction and raising her wild child. She credits John Hughes, Marvel comics, punk music and the first paranormal romance novel she picked up at thirteen for creating the unique muse that drives her.


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    Thanks for the spotlight on this book – sounds interesting

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