BLOODSWORN by Stacey Brutger

Title: BloodSworn
Author: Stacey Brutger
Publisher: Self/Indy
Release Date: Feb 2nd 2013
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Length: 297 pages
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Available At: Kindle | Amazon (Print)

The last BloodSworn witch must confront her fate if she hopes to save the man who forced his way into her lonely heart.

Ten years after they bound her powers and banished her, Trina Weyebridge had successfully carved out a new existence in the human world. She put her life as a witch behind her. But, her magic would not be denied, the bindings holding them in check are weakening. Vampires who crave a taste of the powers stored in her blood are hunting her with deadly force and have kidnapped her sister to lure her out. In a desperate bid to free her sister and gain her own freedom, Trina bargains with the all-too-tempting lion shifter who calls out the long forgotten wild side in her…she would be his concubine in return for pack protection. She’d be safe…until they found out the truth.


When Merrick spots a female intruder living on his property, he’s intrigued by her daring. Curious to find out more, he follows her and comes to her aid when she falls prey to an attack. After weeks of unnatural silence, his beast awakens at her touch, and he suspects that she might be the only one able to save his race from a disease killing his kind. Not willing to take the chance of losing her, he binds her to him the only way he knows how…by claiming her as his own. All he has to do to save her is uncover the secrets of her past, stop a pack revolt, convince her that she’s desperately in love with him in return, and prevent a war.

Trina was halfway bent down to kneel and grab her bag when she saw him.

The same man from her dreams.

A very naked man.


Her mind rebelled. She couldn’t have had a sexy dream about the man who might very well destroy her. Vampires had been in this very house not a day ago. She couldn’t forget that, no matter how much her body wanted to be worshiped by him.

Merrick lay stretched out, dwarfing the extra-large couch. He didn’t look comfortable, but that wasn’t what captured her attention. The sun highlighted the golden color of his skin. It was just how she imagined his cat would appear.

The only thing blocking her view was the sheet draped haphazardly over his slim hips. Her brain short-circuited at the thought of him completely nude.

Him sleeping within a few feet of her and all without a stitch of clothing on struck her dumb, and her emotions jumbled at the conflicting emotions.

She swallowed hard and fanned her face. No matter how much she might have wished it, there was no way that image would ever be far from her mind. Every time she saw him now, she would picture him stretched out as if for her pleasure.

It didn’t matter that she was a doctor, that she’d seen hundreds of naked bodies. She knew layers of skin and bone, but nothing in her studies had ever shown a man structured quite like him, with muscles quite so defined and begging to be stroked.


She shook her head at the reminder, as if she could banish the impulse so easily. She needed to get a closer look at him to decide what was the best course of action…for medical purposes she told herself sternly when her pulse betrayed her and sped up.

She just didn’t know if she’d survive it.

One thing would help…getting him clothed.

But she couldn’t tear her gaze away from that sheet. Or more precisely, what it hid. Where was a gust of wind when you needed one?

Her fingers itched to explore all that exposed flesh, but she feared it had nothing to do with science. Her body urged her to touch, while the sane, sensible part of her mind seemed to have taken a vacation.

Then she saw the lines of strain, the stiff way he held himself even in sleep. She needed to see his back.

“Merrick, roll over.”

Trina found herself sprawled across the floor with a lion, in all but animal form, half sprawled over her with his face just inches from hers.

She hadn’t even seen him move.

Was it her imagination or were his teeth sharper, his body larger, and his eyes shaded just this side of golden?

She gave a tentative smile, knowing better than to try and escape. “Hello.”

“Are we under attack?” He blinked as if confused, finally recognizing her. His sleepy expression sent her heart thumping hard against her ribcage. The rumpled appearance only made him more attractive, more approachable and more touchable than was good for her.

Especially when she felt the sheet tangled around her feet.

No matter how much she told herself not to do it, it was too late. Her eyes flickered downward.

Yup, naked.

And such a nice naked backside, too.

It was her turn to blink when she felt his arousal.

“Attack?” It sure felt like it, and she was unarmed. She cleared her throat when he continued to gaze around the room. “I woke you to begin your physical therapy.”

Vivid green eyes met hers. The wildness had retreated, yet she very much felt like a mouse under a cat’s paw. Heat seeped in her pores, but the calculated look he gave her brought back some of her sanity.

“Get up.” She resisted touching him. It would be a mistake as once she started, she was very much afraid she wouldn’t stop.

Frown lines crinkled the corner of his eyes, and he levered himself up on all fours. Trina didn’t wait, but scrambled backwards, her eyes anywhere but on him and his now very happy dangly parts.

“It’s safe.” The humor in his voice had her head snapping up. He stood, the sheet tucked around his waist. He wore a slightly disgruntled expression that looked sexy as hell and a too-knowing gaze that did things to her body that should be illegal…or bottled.

I live in the wilderness of Minnesota with my loving husband and teenage son, along with two cats and a dog that can’t be convinced he’s not human. That’s him sleeping on the couch with his pillow and a blanket.

When I’m not in front of my computer, I’m either reading one of my thousands of books from the towering TBR (to be read) stacks shown here or watching a crime show or awful scifi/horror movie.

I began writing over ten years ago. When my interest in the hobby increased, along with my obsession with books (see the mountainous TBR pile above), I decided it was time to become published. In five years, I completed a few more books. 

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    Fantastic excerpt! I’m definitely adding this one to my TBR list 😉

  2. What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog!

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