Spotlight: SHE DEVIL by Melissa Kendall

Title: She Devil
Author: Melissa Kendall
Publisher: Indy
Release Date: December 28th 2012
Genre: Erotic,, Ménage, Paranormal, Romance
Heat Level: Explicit
Length: 159 kb
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Constance is a Vampire with a heavy appetite, who works as a stripper to find her meals. She is wanton, luscious and wicked—she craves more than just blood.

Benjamin and Jonathon are vampire outcasts who exist by pretending to be as human as possible in order to remain hidden among humanity. When the town they live in starts to report that men are disappearing? They go on the hunt for the Vampire intruder.

Little did they know, the Intruder is one sexy-delicious Vamp. Connie will offer them more than just a hunt… she will pull them into a tryst of sensual heat and naughty thrills.

I am a 37 year-old stay at home mum and part-time Software Support Consultant. I live in Perth Western Australia the most isolated capital city in the world.

I’ve always loved to read and write and spent most of my teens scribbling poetry and short stories on any scrap of paper I could get my hands on. Over the years as daily life pressures got in the way I lost the passion for it. After my son was born, I discovered e-books and my interest in writing was rekindled. It has been a large part of my life ever since.

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