Interview w/ Dillon James from NO FLOWERS REQUIRED by Cari Quinn

Title: No Flowers Required
Author: Cari Quinn 
Publisher: Brazen (Entangled Publishing)
Series: Love Required, #2
Release Date: August 2012
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 281
Source: Not Just Another Assistant
Buy: Amazon | B&N | Entangled Publishing

He’ll give her everything she desires…except his identity.

Flower shop owner Alexa Conroy had it all before the recession hit and her customers fled to cheaper shopping grounds. Desperate to make ends meet, she sells her dream home and moves into the rundown apartments above her shop. When she spots six feet of sexy distraction—complete with muscles, piercings, and tattoos—ripping up flooring, Alexa knows the karmic windfall she’s due just landed on her doorstep.

And the attraction’s definitely not one-sided.

Dillon James, reluctant heir to the corporation about to foreclose on Alexa’s shop, is not about to jeopardize their scorching chemistry by admitting he’s not the building’s handyman. But with only weeks until her business goes under and his identity is revealed, Dillon must find a way to convince Alexa cooperation isn’t a dirty word, help her save the shop from his brother’s greed, and persuade her that he’s not the enemy…or risk losing the only woman who’s seen the real him.

Thank you for having me here today! I was going to interview my hero Dillon James from NO FLOWERS REQUIRED but he decided he wanted to tell your readers about himself instead. He’s bossy that way!

About time that Cari get out of my hair. She’s always trying to get me to do things the way she wants to. Not happening. Did she miss the memo that I don’t do well with answering to orders? Unless they come from Alexa Conroy—and even then, depends what we’re talking about. I’d also say it depends what she’s wearing when she makes the request, but I have a feeling that might get me kicked out of here. Moving on.

In No Flowers Required, I do some things I’m not proud of. Lying namely. My heart’s in the right place and I only want to help Alexa, but I allow her to believe some pretty self-serving things. Why? Well, put it to you this way. Our first really meaningful conversation was on the rooftop of her apartment building. It was raining, we were both pretty revved up and running from our own demons—not real ones, this isn’t a paranormal romance—and Alexa was wearing the tiniest shorts known to man, with all those threads from her cutoffs dangling down her thighs…

Oh man, where was I? *phone rings* Shoot, I gotta split. This was really fun…hope you give my book a read, though I don’t particularly appreciate that Quinn lady putting my business out there for all to see. Though, seriously, you might want to start with that rooftop scene. Just make sure you have a cold drink handy.

Want to read more about the book? Check out the excerpt at the link above!

Now then . . . The lovely Cari Quinn is doing a little blog hop before the big Entangled one goes live in a few weeks. Cool, huh? Make sure you follow along and go to all the other blogs to enter the Rafflecopter drawings.

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USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn wrote her first story—a bible parable—in 2nd grade, much to the delight of the nuns at her Catholic school. Once she saw the warm reception that first tale garnered, she was hooked. She attempted her first romance in junior high, long before she’d ever read one. Writing what she knew always took a backseat to what she wanted to know, and that still holds true today.

Though she also fires up her computer as a graphic designer, proofreader and editor, she can’t resist the lure of disappearing into a world of her own creation. Now she gets to pen sexy romances for a living and routinely counts her lucky stars. The only thing she loves more than writing is hearing from readers!

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  1. Sounds like a fun read. DId know this authoress. WIll have to check her out.

    • Maria D. on September 10th, 2012 at 9:59 am

    Lol…fun but short character interview! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Ha, very cute! Sounds like a good read. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

  3. Hi everyone! Thanks so much to Aine for featuring NO FLOWERS REQUIRED today! And thank you to Daryl, Maria, and Melissa for stopping by! LOL, Maria, yes, Dillon can be a man of few words at times. 😉

    • Marika Weber on September 11th, 2012 at 9:01 am

    He doesn’t need any words. Just saying. Thanks Aine, Dillion and Cari!


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