Review: The Newfoundland Vampire by Charles O'Keefe

Title: The Newfoundland Vampire
Author: Charles O’Keefe 
Publisher: Penumbra Publishing
Release Date: April 12th 2012
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Horror (not YA) 
Length:  220 pages 
Source: Author
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Like every other geek alive, Newfoundland native Joseph O’Reily secretly wants to be a superhero. At thirteen he fantasized about being a vampire, and ten years later he’s still fantasizing – but mostly about a beautiful redheaded woman who has eyes only for him. The one thing different about Joseph’s adult fantasy is that, amazingly, it comes true one night when he goes to a local university pub. Cassandra Snow, literally the woman of his dreams, invites him to her place for an evening of personal pleasure. Of course he’s not going to say no. But when strange things start happening afterward, Joseph quickly learns that not all dreams should come true.

Cassandra has plans for him – forever. And those plans don’t include daytime activities. An animal lover and recent vegetarian, Joseph wrestles with all the weird changes he’s experiencing after his encounter with Cassandra. Eternal youth and amazing power come at a price that is perhaps higher than he can afford. The constant hunger for blood and the secrets Cassandra harbors test his resolve and his mental and physical limits. And then there’s the fact that a two-hundred-year-old vampire is after his head – literally.

Joseph’s night vision improves dramatically, giving him a glimpse of the darker side of the world and the terrible evil of vampires who walk among humans. As he tries to balance his regular life with the new reality of his vampire existence, he is determined to hold onto his personal convictions and what he values most A– his humanity. 

Geek. Vampire. Superhero?

The Newfoundland Vampire is not like many other vampire stories out there. It’s a mystery/horror/romance with action, morality (what happens when a vegetarian is turned? 😉 ), and an ex-husband from hell.

I really liked Joseph and even know a few people that would have been right there at the geek table with him, lol. Heck, even when he realizes he’s being used, he is still the ‘good guy.’

The romance has issues, like dubious consent and that ex I mentioned above. Cassandra is a strong woman at times and goes after what she wants, however, she’s a bit manipulative but . . . she’s still a great heroine. And John, the ex? Oh, he makes a wonderfully psychotic villain.

There are lots of questions left still at the end but I’m assuming those are left for book two to deal with. As someone who both loves and writes vampire stories, I was curious and am now excited about this series!

A flawed hero, a great premise, and it left me wanting more. I eagerly await to next in this new and intriguing series!

My name is Charles O’Keefe and I live in the Canadian province of Newfoundland, where I work as an inventory manager. I am married, with two fury feline ‘children.’ I am an animal-rights proponent and vegetarian who believes in helping to save and preserve the beauty and resources of planet Earth. I enjoy lots of hobbies like walking, Pilates, writing, reading, movies, gaming, television, poker – and, of course, vampires (not the sparkly kind!).

It took me over 2 years to get my first novel published but it was worth it! I plan to make "The Newfoundland Vampire" into a series of at least 3 books but less advertising. More about me: I would also describe myself as Agnostic. I have a BA in English along with Masters in education which provided me with a brief teaching career. I am huge music lover and I go to as many concerts/plays/shows as I can afford. I am also an amateur piano player and have recently started to do a little acting. If you want to connect I love to "meet" new people.

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  1. Great, thoughtful review, Aine. But the book sounds interesting, despite come questionable areas. The name itself was sort of intriguing. I may just have to check it out.

  2. Hi – what part of the rock are ye from, by?
    I lived in Nfld for a few years – Loved the province. Book soundslike a fun read.

  3. Hi Aine,

    Thanks for the great review! I’m so glad you enjoyed my book. Have no worries there will be a book 2 🙂

    Jenna, please check out my website or e-mail me and I’d be happy to make arrangements to get you a copy =)

    Darryl, I live in CBS (just outside St. John’s). You should come back for a visit sometime! 🙂 I hope you pick up my book, have a great night and a Happy Canada to all the Canadians who read this 🙂


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