Glamour Blade ~ #SixSunday

Yeah . . . Six Sentence Sunday! How about another 6 sentences from my WIP, Glamour Blade – book 3 in the House Millar series?

Our sidhe warrior has just made contact with the vampire he was hunting, and they are just leaving in his car . . .

Leaning down, Lorccán lightly bussed his lips across Rory’s temple, feathering gently on both eye lids and finally he felt the softest of touches on his lips. He gasped at the sudden tingle that shot through him. When his lips parted Lorccán seemed to take that as an invitation and began to use more force as his lips began to caress Rory’s.

Deepening the kiss, while his hands began to explore more of his body, Lorccán’s tongue teased across Rory’s bottom lip, seeking entrance. He couldn’t seem to hold back the moan, or the slight shiver that raced throughout his body. Opening wider to allow him entrance, Lorccán plundered Rroy’s willing mouth, tasting everything he could reach.


For those new to this, the rules are simple:

  1. Pick a project – a current Work in Progress, contracted work or even something readers can buy if you’re published
  2. Pick six sentences
  3. Post ‘em on Sunday

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  1. *Fanning self* Hot! Very nice!

  2. Ohh what a sexy kiss. Loved this!


  3. Very hot! I’ll be needing to read more of this soon!

    • Brenda on May 13th, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Wow, now these are very hot.

  4. Is it hot in here? Great six!

    1. Thanks Jennifer 🙂 Glad you like

  5. Scorching! This should have been on HHD! Hot six!

    1. OK, I’ll show how out of it I am… what is HHD?

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