Explosions, Gunfire and … Kisses? ~ Guest Post by Marita Fowler, author of Fat Assassins

Title: Fat Assassins 
Author: Marita Fowler
Publisher: Scuttlebutt Press / Indy
Series: Fat Adventures
Release: December 5th 2011 
Pages:  302


Southern style sweet potatoes Shasta and Ulyssa have stuck together through thick and thin since their escape from third grade fat camp. But on one dark day, they both find themselves unemployed.

A hazardous job hunt sees them turn down egg harvesting, drug dealing and phone sex before they settle for an exterminator job.

Confusing mafia lingo leaves the girls thinking they’re being interviewed to cope with a rodent infestation. Confident that they can handle the job, they oversell their skills and demand half payment up front to seal the deal. Skeptical at first, the mob boss decides to hire this unlikely pair when he mistakes their attitude for professional stoicism.

The girls are shocked when presented with a target profile and an envelope full of cash. They want out, but it’s too late. The mob doesn’t allow do-overs. And certainly not when they’re whacking one of their own.

Shasta and Ulyssa leave a wake of destruction as they experiment with different assassination methods. But the clock is ticking and when the body count is still zero after multiple attempts, the boss decides to bring in additional assassins to finish the job and tie up loose ends.

And the girls just happen to be one of those loose ends.(less)

“Fat Assassins” Takes Aim at Positive Self Esteem Alexandria, VA (December 4, 2011) — In a society where overwhelming pro-thin campaigns continue to destroy women’s self esteem, the world is overdue for strong plus-size female heroines.

Fat Assassins is the first novel in the Fat Adventure series. The second book in the series, Fat Bodyguards, will be released in June. For more information about the author and series, visit http://www.maritafowler.com

"This book brings life to it’s reader in a technicolor clarity, allowing them to experience the full rainbow of the emotional spectrum within its pages." WTFareyoureading Blog.

"Perhaps it is my fondness for all things southern that led me to be completely in love with this book after having read only about 6 pages. " Books Devoured Blog

Available for 99-cents at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Fat-Assassins-Adventure-Series-ebook/dp/B006HWFA8W

Explosions, gunfire and … kisses?

When building momentum in an adventure book, it requires a steady hand to include romantic elements. The romance has to introduce a new dimension to the story, otherwise you’re just slowing the reader down. Everyone enjoys a stolen kiss or steamy encounter – it just needs to be well timed. The Han Solo/Princess Leia kiss in The Empire Strikes Back book is a perfect example of a well timed kiss that leaves readers air kissing their own imaginary scoundrel.

Sometimes writers use romance in a ‘protective’ way, where emotions become intertwined during a rescue or escape and the main character become the protector. Early in the Jason Bourne series, the romantic interest (Marie) is someone he has to protect during attacks. Since we know he can beat just about anyone who comes at him, the writer uses Marie as an unpredictable variable. Will Jason will be able to save her? This ‘white knight syndrome’ is both primal and romantic.

A man who’d take a bullet for you? Sigh. 🙂

Other writers use relationships as an action collaborative. The couple could rob banks together or join forces against a common enemy creating a situation where sexual chemistry is a believable byproduct (think Bonnie and Clyde, Natural Born Killers).

Since my lead characters are women, it’s challenging to find the right romantic elements to build tension. They’re busy trying to find a way to kill their mark, so the men in their life complicate the situation. In my case, a high school sweetheart wouldn’t create enough dilemma… but two sexy law dawgs took it to a whole new level.

Here are a few questions I use to gauge the effectiveness of adding a romantic element to my action stories:

  1. Does it enhance the story? It has to add a layer of emotion, like yearning, fear, disgust, anger, etc.
  2. Does it complicate or ease the main conflict? In my book the romance complicates the situation. Shasta has two sexy men fighting for her attention, but the timing sucks since she’s on the wrong side of the law.
  3. Is it realistic? If the couple is running through a minefield chased by a weaponized helicopter – are they really going to stop for a make-out session? Probably not, unless they’ve decided to die together on minefield in that moment. If that’s the plot of your book, you may want to rethink it because an abrupt and unsatisfying ending like that could cause a revolt among your readers.

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Marita Fowler is the author of Fat Assassins – the first in a series of size positive adventure books.

Marita lives in Virginia with her husband, David.

She has worked in the computer and security industry since 1992. While she continues her professional cybersecurity career at Department of Homeland Security – she enjoys writing in her free time.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer? Like many authors, I’ve had a love affair with books from a young age. I wrote short stories during my school years, but never concentrated my energy into a novel. I spent my early career years fine tuning my technical writing skills, while constantly thinking about books and characters.

This is actually the third book I started before finding characters and a storyline that flowed easily from my fingertips. I wasn’t ready for those other ideas yet, so I shelved them until my brain is ready to cooperate.

Once I wrote the first piece of dialogue between Shasta and Ulyssa, I was hooked. Everything picked up momentum and I saw characters, conversations and stories everywhere. If you gravitate to the journal section of a bookstore or collect notebooks like a foraging squirrel – your inner writer is waiting to be unleashed.

Here’s my stack of journals – the stripey one is for Fat Bodyguards.




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    • Maggie O'Malley on April 13th, 2012 at 8:00 am

    Sounds like a humorous read. Wishing you many sales.

  1. Have to go check this out – it sounds fabulous.

  2. Absolutely love this premise as it’s very unique and sounds like a hilarious read. Congrats!

  3. Fabulous interview, ladies! This book sounds like perfect summer reading for me. And even better the next in the series will be out in time for the beach! Love the idea of these women doing a hit for the mob–can’t wait to read!

    • Brenda on April 13th, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    Wow, this book sounds awesome and totally fresh.

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