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It’s wonderful to be here at Literal Addiction. Thanks for hosting the kickoff to my New Release Tour. For those that don’t know me, and I know you’re out there, I’m Áine P Massie, paranormal romance author and honorary member of the House Millar.

House Millar is both the name of the series and the name of the Vampire House led by Mistress Anya, vampire aberration. Her’s is the only House dedicated to aberrant vampires and the protection of humans (I’m sure you’re stretching your head about that but she prefers to love her humans, not eat them 😉 ).

I thought, in honour of Blood Bound’s release (February 29th) I’d let you meet the core triad of the House. You can even leave questions, if you’d like, and the characters will graciously stop by later today to respond. Just remember, never piss off a vampire. Human loving or not, their tempers are not for mere mortals.

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