New Release: 31 Flavors by Leia Shaw

Title: 31 Flavors
Author: Leia Shaw & Cari Silverwood
Publisher: Wicked Cucumber Press
Release Date: February 14th 2012
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Erotic
Size: 306 KB
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There are some things in life you have to try before you know how they will affect you. After 5 years of awful sex, I was ready. Bondage and spanking had always featured in my fantasies, and one day, I convinced my husband to try them.

That day was a turning point. Ice cream comes in many flavors and that’s us too — not vanilla, maybe not Rocky Road either. We can be a combination or make up our own and no one has the right to judge us. But there will always be one question that tears at my soul: Will my husband, Nick, ever be happy with what I crave?


“Come here.”

His voice, low and full of authority, slides through me like a cold shiver. My breath hitches as I glide silently over our office carpet.

“On your knees.”

I immediately drop. Acutely conscious of my nudity, I sit with my ass resting on my heels and my hands on the curve of my upper thighs.

“Do you know why you are being punished?”

A lump of anticipation lodges in my throat. I keep my eyes downcast and nod.

“Good. Now, I’m going to tie you to the desk, spank you and stuff you with the vibrator. And you’re not to come without my permission, do you understand?”

My stomach lurches and I’m soaked with arousal. I can’t trust my voice so I nod again.

“Answer me.”

I clear my throat and croak a shaky, “Y-yes, sir.”

“Stand up and bend over the desk.”

My knees tremble. I can barely hold my weight as I walk to the desk.
A thin rope dangles from his hands. I dare to look in his eyes. They remain impassive, foreboding. I’m a prisoner in the shadow of my executioner. Can I do this?

His brows raise a fraction of an inch. “Go on.”

I steel myself and bend over the desk. The glass top is like ice on my naked breasts. My breath quickens as he coolly and effectively ties my ankles to the desk legs, then my wrists behind my back. I twist my hands, checking the tightness. No give, at all. Suddenly I feel vulnerable. Too open, too exposed.

I notice the wooden paddle on the desk only when he reaches for it. I gasp. From fear or anticipation, I’m not sure. He moves away so I can no longer see him.

From behind me, I hear, “Count, Sidney.”

I squeeze my eyes shut, and the paddle whistles through the air –

Beep. Beep. Beep.

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About the Author

Author of the best selling paranormal romance series, Shadows of Destiny.

I have been writing fantasy stories since I first learned how to write. I fell in love with the paranormal romance genre because I admittedly have a bit of a dark side but I’m a sucker for a good romance story. What you can expect from my books is an action packed adventure full of magic, bloodshed, dark tortured alpha males, strong smart women, and hot steamy romance. My books are primarily character stories – a man and a woman who overcome insurmountable odds and fall in love. But they do it with sword in hand, fighting ghoulish creatures and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty.

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