Review: Prophecy of the Flame #1


Title: Prophecy of the Flame 
Author: Lynn Hardy
Publisher: Resilient Publishing
Series: Prophecy of the Flame #1
Release Date: March 8, 2088
Genre: Romance, Para/Fantasy, YA
Pages: 373
Source: Lightening Book Promotions

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In a blinding flash of light, five nondescript strangers are yanked from this world and thrust into a land of sorcery. Transformed into the characters they were pretending to be; Archmage Reba, Jamison the healer, Jerik the dwarf, Charles the prince charming, and Allinon the druid elf blend twentieth century technology with the supernatural powers of this new world.

This band of wannabe heroes soon discovers that having the powers you have always dreamed of, does not make life a dream come true. The Crusaders of the Light struggle to form a cohesive band as they fight to liberate the kingdom of Cuthburan from the evil horde threatening humanity.

For those who believe the struggle of love adds a greater depth to any story, the romantic thread in Book One is explored in greater depth in this version.

Battle is also waged within Reba, an ordinary housewife who has become the most powerful mage on the planet, as she struggles to remain true to her wedding vows. Drawn against her will to the arms of Prince Alexandros, Reba must choose between the prophesied marriage to a handsome prince in a magical world or returning to the husband she left behind.

My Thoughts

Talk about LARPing gone wrong. That’s the basis of the Prophecy of the Flame. A group of role players are participating in a live action event when they are suddenly summoned into another world where magic and demons are real.

The characters were excellently written, personalities and flaws were unique and clearly defined / shown. I was eager to read past the intro. The beginning drags a bit but once they are in the ‘new’ world things really pick up and you don’t want to put it down!

Magic is a major event in this world and while what can be done with it seems to be limitless (well, only limited by imagination of the welder) there are consequences and physical limits to how much and how often it can be used.

My only complaints honestly are based on the vehement use of the idea Judeo/Christian god as being the only one and that ‘pagan’ is bad. For Christians I’m sure that is a great selling point but as a Wiccan it chaffs a bit while reading. The other thing I had trouble with was the strange morality both of the world and of Reba. The worlds lack of commitment I can buy, though I would hate to live like that, but Reba’s morality issues with her hubby bother me.

That aside, the story is great, the characters engaging, and both the ‘war’ and the ‘love story’ kept me wanting more. I reached the last page and was frustrated that I didn’t have book 2 to immediately begin!

Don’t let the RPG throw you, this is a fun and engaging Fantasy read!

Note: A movie, based on Prophecy of the Flame, is in production.

My Rating

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About the Author

Led by a series of dreams and encouraged by friends, Lynn Hardy began the journey to become an author. She stored her work in a computer file labeled “second job.” Writing began as a passion she could not contain and has become much more than she ever expected.

Lynn has attended many science fiction conventions and has had the privilege of serving on panels about writing. Renaissance fairs are another favorite event for the author. Seeing others dressed in costume (as she always is during book signings) makes her feel right at home.

The real shock came at a chance meeting in a videogame store in 2008. It took several meetings before she realized JR was a CEO and Hippocrit Games was offering her a contract: they were not just making small talk about what a great videogame her book would make. Hippocrit plans to launch their new company with the release of Prophecy of the Flame, the live action videogame, in Fall 2010.

In reality, Lynn is overcome with compassion for families who are suffering through the recession and so she has created Agape Assistance. Knowing that times are hard for everyone, Lynn wants to give back to those who join Agape Assistance in providing shelter for families who are homeless. Buying Book One will provide a book for you and a bed for them. 100% of the proceeds from Prophecy of the Flame: Book One go to Agape Assistance. (

Lynn is now a stay-at-home mother of two. The road has been longer and more complicated than she would have ever guessed–not always smooth, but filled with wonderful surprises. Like most stories, Lynn is sure that her journey has only just begun.

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