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Hello ladies, gents, and other mythological creatures possibly lurking around! We have special guests today here at Breaking Bookshelves. Three very attractive, very wonderful, and very interesting individuals who have gone through enormous obstacles only to find themselves being interviewed here (jeeze, I’m sorry for the lackluster interview space guys). I’d like all you readers to meet and welcome Nicholas, Declán, and Anya from Blood’s Voice and Blood Bound!


Hahaha, oh my~ So, on to some lighter questions? What are your favourite books? Movies? Music?

Anya: Favourite? Oh, I have no idea. I love reading and immersing myself in the worlds and adventures with the pages of my ever growing collection. I mean, I have a reading room as part of my bedroom suite plus we have a House library and that’s not even counting the fact I have both a Kindle and a Nook.
Music would have to be everything! Though, right now I’m really into Godsmack, Muse, and Blue October. I don’t really watch many movies . . . preferring to read and ‘watch’ the story of the book in my head. I do really enjoy some of the more cult classic movies Nicholas and Declán have introduced me to though, especially Princess Bride and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
OHHH, seems like we have a few things in common there 😀

Nicholas: Oddly, I’d have to say Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, I think. Probably considered an odd answer from a nearly 200 year old guy, but I just love the insanity and logic of Wonderland.
Most of my preferred music choice fall under Mozart, Beethoven, or anything from the Phantom of the Opera – and yes, that’s also my favourite play and movie.
Not odd at all Nicholas, it’s a classic~ And Phantom of the Opera is amazing!

Declán: Um, *blushing* most of my fav books and such are on architecture, design, and material style. Okay, so maybe I’m a little geeky, but I look great in leather while reading them. 😀
On music . . . um, most anything. Just not hateful rap – like the angry kind that degrades women – or the really whiny country. I like some western though. The Man in Black was awesome! 😀 Especially when he did all the alternative covers and such not long before he died. Gotta love Hurt when he did it.
Movie? Right now would still have to be E.T. but the original version . . . not the reedited one that’s out now.
Haha, a little geeky goes a long way! I for one love my boys with a little bit of geek and nerd. 😛 AND oh yes, The Man in Black~ (E.T. was an awesome movie).



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