3.5 Stars Review: Blood's Voice

Blood's Voice

The wonderful reviewer and author, Bonnie Lamer, has reviewed Blood’s Voice (Book #1 of the House Millar series) today and has given it 3.5 stars.  Below is a little excerpt from the review.

Something I truly enjoyed in this novel was the development of the secondary characters. They each had their own quirks and strengths; those meant to be liked are likeable and the ones meant to be disliked have the reader cheering for their demise. Their support and unique personalities mingle exceptionally well with the main characters, helping to make Blood’s Voice a novel that is definitely worth reading.

I thank the author for a review copy and I give the novel three and a half stars.


To see the entire Review, visit the site by clicking HERE. Make sure to comment, Bonnie loves to hear from you guys!



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