Thoughtful Thursdays #1


Thoughtful Thursdays is a meme hosted by better Read Than Dead Each.
Anyone can play along you just do the following:

Thursday I will post a question for you to ponder. Feel free to join in the fun by either posting your answer in a comment, or by stealing my cute little picture and placing it on your blog! Tell your friends and lets make this fun.

Thought of the Day:

If you could be any character in any book, movie, or TV show – who would you be? And why? Make your decision on how you feel at the moment you see this question. I know I change my mind everyday.

My Answer:

Right now I’d have to say Buttercup from Princess Bride.  Who wouldn’t want to find true love, have hot guys at your beck and call, and get to have the hottest kiss in history?  I’ve never loved how weak she is but I just love the fact that Westley goes through all that, including being mostly dead, to get back to his true love. . . Buttercup.

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    • Kristin on September 8th, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    Hey, thanks for stopping by and playing along. I hope I can get some others interested!

    And I think Buttercup is a perfect choice!

    Thanks again,
    Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead

    1. I hope so too as I think this could e a lot of fun! Lots of luck 😀

    • KB on September 8th, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    Love that movie.

    1. A touch cheesy but OMG I love it. and Westley has some of the best lines 🙂

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