The Strength of the Pack – Review

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Title: The Strength of the Pack
Author: Jorrie Spencer
Series: Northern Shifters / Strength #1
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: 2008
Source: Google Books
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Since his sister disappeared two years ago, Seth’s solitude has intensified. Despite his deep need to be part of a pack, he sets himself apart, wary of humans who fear the wolf in him.

When Seth hooks up with his teenaged crush, loneliness and physical desire overcome his distrust. Jamie welcomes his attentions, albeit a little shyly, and Seth rationalizes they can have one night together before they part.

For Seth can never be part of a regular family. No normal woman is going to accept his freakish nature, nor his past violence. Especially a single mother determined to protect her family. However, Seth and Jamie’s bond runs deeper than he knows. He cannot return to the shadows. Yet exposure may bring danger to them all.


 My Thoughts

Reading shifter stories is relatively new for me.  I was never overly interested in the blood and needlessly violent world of weres until I stumbled upon J. L. Langely and Joely Skye.  While weres are new for me, M/M romance is not, lol.  Jorrie Spencer is the other persona for Joely so I had to jump back further in the series world she has created and see where some of the characters came from.  *Please note: Jorrie writes M/F romance while her alter, Joely, writes M/M romance.*

The Strength of the Pack is the first in the Northern Shifters (Strength) Series and is the story of Seth, a shapeshifter that yearns to connect, to love and be loved, but doesn’t think it’s possible or that he could deserve it.  I was curious to see how the story unfolded as it is a romance, lightly explicit (not nearly as explicit as some of her later books), but it’s also an action / murder story as well.

When Jamie runs into a long lost friend and he manages to seduce her then throws her out she thought it was over between them.  He had planned for it to be at least.  When she discovers she’s pregnant things change and she decides that he will be a part of the child’s life, not knowing he’s a shifter.  A scared shifter that is being hunted.  And as they say, nothing is easy, especially when love is on the line.

The characters are well developed but a bit immature in places.  This is not a detractor in my opinion.  If I had been though what either of them had I’d probably be a bit skittish yet wilful too, lol.  I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the slightly twisted romance of this story!  The inclusion of Jamie’s son and the were-boy Seth mentors is a heart pulling touch that I loved.  I would like to see more of Seth in the future books and maybe even some where his human mate, Jamie, shows herself.  I mean, a woman that can stand up to her shifter lover and put him in his place is ‘all right’ in my book. Open-mouthed smile

This story is filled with love, fear, passion, danger, and, in the end, joy.  The chemistry between Seth and Jamie is. . . yum.  Overall this was a fast moving, hot at times, story that I would gladly recommend to any that love a good shifter / were story (I would say werewolf but not all weres in this world are wolves).  I look forward to her next instalment in the Northern Shifters / Strength series, The Strength of the Wolf.

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About the Author

Jorrie Spencer has written for more years than she can remember. Her latest writing passion is romance and shapeshifters. She lives with her husband and two children in Canada.

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