Interview with Mistress Anya & Giveaway

Recently Christina Irelan, from Intoxicated by Books, visited with me, Mistress Anya, at my home.  It was an honour to have her visit and wish to interview me.  Please stop by and visit her blog and maybe even enter to win a copy of our story, Blood’s Voice!  Our Author, Áine, has gifted her with a free e-copy of our story.  I hope you enjoy my interview and the giveaway.

Blessings of forever,

Mistress Anya

A Taste?

I know that when a vampire loves you they never stop loving, how do you get past it when you lose your love as you did Braden?
That is complicated to answer since I don’t remember Braden but do feel the loss.  He is part of the past I lost.  But, if you noticed, I became involved with no one for a long time after Braden if what Nicholas and Louie say is true.  About a century passed before I became involved with Nicholas and even then, from what he’s told me, I still always was a bit reserved in allowing him completely into my heart.
I don’t know how I will deal with loosing Declán when the time comes.  How do humans manage when their lover dies?



Now for the GIVEAWAY! I have a smashwords coupon code for one free Ecopy of the book Blood’s Voice that tells Anya Millar’s story. Please fill out this FORM to enter the contest. I will post the winner on August 27th.



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