Review: Tribute (Children of the Sidhe)

Title: Tribute
Author: J. R. Pearse Nelson
Series: Children of the Sidhe
Publisher: J. R. Pearse Nelson
Release Date: August 8, 2011
Source: Smashwords
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Hazel Fintan is the reluctant daughter of the Irish love god, Aengus. As much as she loves the Sidhe lifestyle, with baubles and leisure galore, she’s never cared for her father’s world. So who could expect her to be happy when she’s drawn into a conflict with a legendary race over an impossible tribute?

The tribute may be what brought them together, but Ian MacIlroy knows destiny when it stares him in the face with stunning green eyes and a gorgeous smile. Now he has a new mission. Hazel will be his, at any cost.

My Thoughts

I was not sure what I expected Tribute to be about but I was very pleasantly suppressed many times throughout this short story.  Too often I find short stories (small novella) to be lacking in character development but Ian and Hazel were both believable characters, people you could believe you’d seen at the store or at the mall.

Tribute is an intriguing story that focuses on both Hazel and Ian as well as the eternal conflict between the Sidhe and the Fomorii.  As the story unfold we find Hazel drawn into the ‘Otherworld’ by Ian and the tribute his family is commanded to pay to the vile Fomorii.  It would be easier if Ian could just tell the Fomorii ‘no.’  It would be easier if Hazel didn’t have issues with the Sidhe. 

I don’t want to give too much away but I do want to praise J.R. for her creativity and forethought about such a loved and revered topic as the Sidhe and their enemy, the Fomorii.  There were only two drawbacks I could really find, I hit the end well before I was wishing to relinquish the couple, and that there are a couple of formatting errors.  Sadly, the formatting is probably due to Smashwords ‘grinding’ platform that often misreads page breaks. 

Overall this was a fast moving, hot at times, story that I would gladly recommend to any that love a good fae tale.  I look forward to her next instalment in the Children of the Sidhe series, Vessel.

My Rating



About the Author

I am an indie author of fantasy and paranormal romance. My novella, Tribute, is available now on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. I’ll release the sequel in late 2011. While the genre of these novellas is paranormal romance, I don’t limit myself in my reading or my writing to one type of fantasy. I love it all, from the epics to the dark beasties to the mythological, sociological side. I’ve been drawn into the self-publishing revolution to realize my dream of writing fiction for an audience.

Please visit her website for more information, updates, or to contact J. R. Pearse Nelson.



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