Just the Facts Ma’am

A friend of mine suggested that I should try using memes to let others get to know more about me.  There might even be days that I get Declán or Nicholas in on them (we’ll see F5DDGDQQHT36).  Today’s is a Just The Facts Meme.

Random Fact about Moi #1:
I love the colour of silver even though we vampires are allergic to it.

Random Fact about Moi #2:
My greatest love, other than Nicholas and Declán, is reading.  I have an entire adjunct area to my bedroom that serves as my reading room and a library downstairs.  I still end up giving away books regularly. There are always groups needing books for schools,the  underprivileged, the sick (in hospitals), et all.

Random Fact about Moi #3:
I tend to rant in Irish, even when I don’t realize I’ve slipped languages.  Sometimes this is a problem since no one I live with speaks Irish.  One day they will learn, ha.

Random Fact about Moi #4:
I don’t hate being a vampire.  You would think I would considering all the horrid things that have happened to me but while I detest some of the other vampires – say Marcus and Gabriel – I don’t hate the life I have.

Random Fact about Moi #5
One of my favourite singers is Enya.  I love being able to hear my lovely Irish being sung by such a beautiful voice.

Random Fact about Moi #6:
What the guys own of me: M’anam, mo chroí, mo ghrá.

Random Fact about Moi #7:
I don’t understand why the gender of a person should matter.  Isn’t it who a person is not what shape they inhabit that makes them who they are? 

Random Fact about Moi #8:
I miss Star. 

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